KAS 2013 KPSC 2012 KAS exam pattern to change

The pattern of the competitive examinations conducted by the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) is all set undergo a sea change after a long gap of four decades.

Source http://kasexam.in & http://kasexams.com(dedicated to free kas materials)

A sub-committee constituted by the Commission is likely to table its report recommending the new system in a couple of weeks and gazette notification is expected by January next year.


The new structure aims to put an end to unnecessary delay in completing recruitment process, reduce scope for political intervention in government appointments, bring in more transparency, introduce corporate work culture and enable candidates to equip themselves with latest administrative skills such as e-governance.

The proposed structure comprises limited number of subjects, negative marking system and restricted ratio for mains and interviews. It eliminates optional subject system (at present there are 30 subjects) and will have five papers, all compulsory.


There will be one paper in the preliminary round with 150 questions, each carrying two marks. Half a mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

The main examination comprises five compulsory papers in three categories – Essay, Humanities and Science. Excluding the Essay paper, other will have 20 units dealing with varied issues instead of specific issues. The units in the papers are such that candidate of any background will find it comfortable to study and answer.

There will be 40 questions in the examination, two from each unit. But, it is compulsory to answer questions from all 20 units. Each paper will be for 200 marks, each question carrying 10 marks. Limited number of answer sheets will be given to candidates for answering within the given space. Three different evaluators will evaluate answer scripts.

Another feature is change in the ratio for mains and interview. Instead of the 1:20 from prelims to mains, it will be 1:5 and instead of 1:5 from mains to interview it will be 1:3.
The Commission is planning to invite applications for several posts early next year and candidates will have to follow the new structure, highly placed sources in the KPSC told Deccan Herald.

It took nearly one-and-half years for the sub-committee to finalise the report. The committee members held deliberations with retired vice-chancellors, experts and professors and visited Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and other states to study the structure of their public service commissions, added the sources.

“We have come with the new structure to reduce political intervention in appointments and ensure justice to meritorious and eligible candidates,” said a KPSC member.
The modification of the examination process was taken up following demand by the candidates that the testing system should meet the present-day requirements.


17 thoughts on “KAS 2013 KPSC 2012 KAS exam pattern to change

  1. if u following the way of UPSC exams then please do one thing give prioresses to the rite person by there ability ,there should not b a reservations if a good one got 85 % n average one get 55% then so many time i seen sheet is allotted for 55 % candidate just because of reservations please don’t do this . and don’t allow political interface,also for every selection only keep exams let exams mey so hard not a issue.but eligible rite candidate will get sheet …think !

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